About Me

About Me


Professional bio:

Dr. Vania Manipod is certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Neurology & Psychiatry in general psychiatry. She is currently in private practice in southern California and firmly believes in a holistic approach to psychiatry by incorporating psychotherapeutic techniques, diet and lifestyle, in addition to medication management, when indicated. She utilizes various schools of psychotherapy in her approach, especially psychodynamic psychotherapy, in which she pursued additional training after completion of psychiatry residency. Dr. Manipod is also actively involved in various social media outlets and has an international following to reduce the stigma of mental illness, particularly through her blog, Freud & Fashion.  She has been an invited speaker on both the state and national level on topics such as physician burnout, traumatic brain injury, and osteopathic principles & psychiatry.

Informal bio:

Before deciding to become a physician, I wanted to be a journalist, so a blog combines both of my goals.  My main purpose is to give a glimpse of the life of a new doctor with a passion to learn how to best help those who struggle for normalcy in life.  I believe that someone with mental illness is just like someone with a diagnosis like hypertension…sometimes they need medication, sometimes they don’t…but either way, the illness shouldn’t prevent them from enjoying life.  My life has definite ups and downs and as I learn to treat others, I undergo my own sense of therapy as well.  So my goal is to share my experiences and give tips on therapy pearls that I learn along the way!

I’m definitely not a fashionista, but I think it’s stylish to express yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, which has been an ongoing process for me.  My profession has helped me learn so much about myself and I  look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you…and learning from your experiences too!

**P.S.  I’m a California girl, but completed Psychiatry residency training in Oregon, hence lots of CA and OR references in my blog

at my first backyard BBQ (check out the string band in the background!) in Oregon

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