Top Psych Movies

I get annoyed (but somewhat embarrassed) each time I’m asked if I’ve watched a classic “everyone’s seen it but you” movie.  Growing up, I was deprived of many American cultural must-haves such as meatloaf, baseball, and American Graffiti.  At least I can proudly say that I’ve watched each episode of “I Love Lucy” twice and mastered the art of moonwalking.

Therefore, I made it a goal to catch up on classic American movies (specifically ones related to Psychiatry) so I can at least be up to speed with the iconic movies of my profession.  I began compiling a list, but I’m sure there’s several noteworthy ones missing.  Any further suggestions would be much appreciated.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (done)

A Beautiful Mind (done)

A Clockwork Orange (done)

Girl, Interrupted (done)

Fatal Attraction (done)

Memento (done)

Rain Man (done)

Sybil (thanks Pablo)

Charlie Bartlett (thanks Minesh)

Donnie Darko (thanks Matt)

American Psycho

Three Faces of Eve

Primal Fear

Reign on Me

Fight Club (haven’t seen it yet, but I thought it was more awe of Brad Pitt than psych-related)


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4 thoughts on “Top Psych Movies

    • hey cindy!
      i love psych movies in general, but my fave would have to be One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (because it’s classic!) or A Beautiful Mind (because I enjoy working most with schizophrenic patients). Please feel free to add if u have any recs!

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