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Rain, Rain, Go Away


{Moments before it started pouring in Seattle}

Around this time of year, I’m used to sunny skies and stocking up on colorful spring dresses.  Unfortunately, the weather in the Northwest is keeping me glued to my winter coat and lounging indoors to avoid the rain.  Many living in the Northwest (or anywhere with minimal sunshine) have a deficiency in Vitamin D, which your body makes after exposure to sufficient sunlight and has been shown to have a link to depression.  Vitamin D can be detected by a simple blood test, and if low can be treated by supplements available over the counter.  So, if you’re living in the dark (like me) and can’t make it to Hawaii anytime soon, try some Vitamin D until your next flight out or the sun breaks through the rain clouds…whichever comes first.

For more info on Vitamin D and depression, check out this link

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