Memories in Home Cooking

{Strolling with my aunt in Pasadena}

I miss home-cooked meals.  There’s nothing better than coming home from a long, exhausting day of work and being greeted with a table full of your favorite dishes.  Fortunately, during med school I lived next to my fabulous aunt who would call me almost every night and ask what I wanted for dinner.  We recently had brunch at Roscoe’s though as delicious as chicken & waffles can be, I wished I could’ve eaten homemade food instead.  Today, I came home to frozen pizza and leftover spaghetti, but I dreamt of pancit and lumpia (filipino dishes) with every dreaded bite.  I suppose it’s time to expand my repertoire and learn to cook more than eggs and ten variations of spaghetti. 

2 thoughts on “Memories in Home Cooking

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