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Birthday Wish

I’m feeling overwhelmed after a nonstop day at work.  To brighten my mood, I looked at photos of my recent birthday celebration and read my blogpost from last year (here).  In contrast to last year, I feel more comfortable being myself (well, I’m still in the process of discovery, which is life-long, but at least I’m less embarrassed to admit my weaknesses, demonstrate pride in my strengths, and bring out my valley-girl twang at work).  In addition, I wasn’t carded…not even once, even though I still look like the same, questionably-legal-to-drink young girl.  Perhaps I exude more confidence?  Well, I know for sure that I’ve matured, for when my patients call me “sweetie,” “young lady,” and “hun,” I no longer take offense nor do I view myself as inexperienced and incompetent as I felt last year.  Now that I’m no longering pondering ways to look older, I plan to focus more on improving my stress management skills (to reduce development of wrinkles).

{Birthday at Nobu West Hollywood}

I know my last post was awhile ago, but I’m back from travels and life-changing experiences, which I plan to share in future posts!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Wish

  1. I wish I was there! You look so pretty and happy 🙂 I am proud of your growth and accomplishments, both professionally and personally…you are a more genuine, considerate and optimistic person and I love it 🙂 yay to our field…and to Oregon (a blessing in disguise)! 😉

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