Just Breathe

{driving on I-395 in Miami}

Two things that annoy me on a daily basis:  drivers who tailgate and drivers who drive too slow.  Being from California, I’ve learned to drive aggressively and posess a constant level of road rage.  I never thought a driver who followed traffic laws existed until I moved to Oregon where the average person makes full 3-second stops, drives below the speed limit, and is shockingly courteous towards other drivers.  Now that I’ve lived here for over a year, I admit to some appreciation for the overly-cautious driver though I constantly find myself in a tense, angry state every once in awhile.  On my way to work today, I noticed my tight grip on the steering wheel and my frequent glares at a speeding car through my rearview mirrow.  I felt my neck muscles tense and head start to feel heavy before I realized that I just needed to relax and BREATHE.  Take a deep breath…and another deep breath…then switch to the next lane and simply let the driver go.  Breathing sounds like a simple solution to high anxiety situations though plenty of people, including myself, have to remind ourselves to do so.   I wanted to attach a video demonstrating the diaphragmatic breathing technique, but the videos online have a cheesy 1980’s vibe.  I’ll find one eventually, or make my own.

Tip of the day:  Next time you go into anxious or angry mode –remember to breathe!

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