Pill Pusher

I have a simple theory that I like to follow when it comes to psychotropic meds: “Simple is Better.”  Pretty straight-forward. 

When I inherit a new patient with a list of meds the length of the Declaration of Independence AND they’re still depressed despite all the designer brand name drugs at their disposal, I don’t think it takes a medical degree to figure out that something’s not right. 

Question 1:  Question the diagnosis.  Question 2:  They’re still depressed—what the heck am I supposed to do about it?

Whereas most might seek comfort in adding yet another miracle drug to the list, I was inspired by one of my Attendings and made a goal to venture in the opposite direction of the less anxiety-provoking intervention and instead take a medication out (slowly, of course, before withdrawal throws them into a far worse state) and maximize the therapeutic benefit of a truly helpful medication at the same time. 

And, the outcome?  Well, it’s worked out in many of my patients thus far.  Maybe my warmth and reassurance helps as well.  Only thing I need now is the research to show it (my next residency venture).

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3 thoughts on “Pill Pusher

  1. The unfortunate fact too many people make a living
    out of the mentally ill (or the fool’s having been convinced they be mentally ill/it simply appalling.

    Drug companies have yearly turnovers of $billions

    Doctors making a living in treating mentally ill
    have no incentitive that their patients get well
    it bringing their unemployment. Thus /themselves
    then on a variety of pills in dealing with their depression / with other doctors in mental health
    whom deal with the rich and famous / many soul’s
    fleeced of $millions by doctors whom are nothing
    more than a bunch of liars fraudsters charlatans.

  2. Hi Vania. It’s great to hear directly from a physician who is willing to investigate and question the methods and conclusions before them.

    I wish you much success in your career.


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