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Know Your Roots

My last minute 4.5 day stay in the Philippines last week was way too short but couldn’t have been more perfect.  Instead of  partaking in the usual treks to white sandy beaches and attractive city sites, we remained in the provincial town where my amazing grandparents raised their 11 children.  I found excitement in riding a tricycle to my grandparents’ farm, appreciation for late night gatherings in a courtyard beneath the stars, and indulgence in homecooked meals.  There’s something comforting, humbling, and therapeutic about the simplicity of country life, especially when there’s members of 4 generations to share it with you.

{Waking up to the sound of roosters crowing at 5am}

{the liberating feeling of not wearing makeup when the standard look is Au Naturale!}

{appreciation for unique public transportation…the infamous Jeepney}

{paying respect to loved ones deeply missed}

{the joy of being called to a table of delicious Philippine cuisine}

{I’m in one of my Vegetarian phases, so my fave is fresh broiled catfish dipped in a mixture of salted shrimp paste, freshly squeezed kalamansi juice, & chopped red chillies.   I also constantly crave the bottom left dish–who knew sliced, sour green mangoes dipped in a salted, lightly fried shrimp paste made such a yummy combination?!}

2 thoughts on “Know Your Roots

  1. You captured our trip well…better than me!…my picture steez has gone down! Altho, I did take the quick pic of you at the payas mango tree…and with “Rachelle”, which btw, is super cute and you look beautiful in “Au-Natural” 😉 So glad we were able to get in touch with our roots, and most of all to be there for part of Lola’s crucial recovery time…I can’t wait for us to coordinate another trip to see her and our 4 generations again soon! I Love You, Ate Ban!

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