Holiday Mental Break

 {With our new family dog, Levi}

Whenever I visit my parents’ home, I regress to a childlike state and become the complete opposite of how I am in my normal, adult life (i.e. instead of my usual high stress, on edge, active, rigid self, I wake up late, lounge around in sweats, and enjoy writing “nothing” on my to-do list).  Hence, I’ve taken a brief mental break to reset/recharge and in my relaxed state, I realize this is the first time in eight years that I’ve had time off during the holiday (consider 2 years of hospital rotations during medical school, 4 years of residency training, and 2 years being the newbie doctor at my first job).  I initially felt guilty about being away from the clinic for so long, but am aware that my ability to provide quality care declines the more burned out and overwhelmed I feel.  I know how hard it can be to prioritize yourself, especially if you’re the caregiving type who’s used to putting others’ well-being before your own.  I hope you are able to find time to care for yourself during the remainder of the year, and if not this year, then consider as a possible New Year’s resolution to put self-care amongst the top of your list.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Mental Break

  1. Nothing on your to-do list? But, it seems that you’re giving yourself a break spontaneously. 🙂 I wonder how aware you are that your friendly, free-flowing (well, except for occasional bullet points ;)) mode of expression in your blog contrasts with the “rigid” person you describe. Keep blogging; it’s good for you! And are you sure that it’s a “regression” to be girlish? After all, I’ve heard it said that the child’s toys and the adult’s reasons are but the fruits of the two seasons. (William blake) 🙂

    • wonderful observation Tom. i’m working to feel comfortable in my own skin and bringing together my professional/rigid side in combo w/ my creative, free-flowing personality in harmony…this year has been the closest i’ve been at bridging my 2 sides, so you’re right..i must keep writing/blogging! thanks so much for pointing this out though…it took me awhile to process it, which is reflective of the challenge it has been for me in real life! 😉 have a wonderful new year! 🙂

  2. Enjoy! As the father of an MD infectologist daughter, that is my best advice: your careers and work are so demanding… You too need to take a break! 🙂
    You spend your life helping others, don’t forget helping yourself from time to time!

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