Stretch It Out

Even though I’m not allowed to wear open-toe shoes at work, I still buy cute and comfortable sandals in case I’m courageous enough to wear a pair.  I recall wearing 3-4 inch ridiculously uncomfortable heels in high school, but those days are long gone.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with stretch heels for the sexy, summery look, plus the added bonus of comfort.  I purchased the Madden Girl and Chinese Laundry versions recently, which were excellent deals.  After breaking them in during a long day of errands, I found that no matter how high the heel may be, I can feel stylish enough pairing them with a slinky black dress and comfortable enough wearing them around town all day.

(top)  CL by Laundry Ionia $29.94

(middle)  Madden Girl Keltic $19.93

(bottom)  Stella McCartney Elastic Slingback $307.53

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