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5 Ways to Look Older

{yummy Spanish latte at Urth Caffe, Beverly Hills}

1.  Wear black.

2.  Be around a group of friends who look at least 5 years older than you.

3.  Wear professional clothing.

4.  Pile on the makeup (especially foundation and smokey eye shadow).

5.  Listen to NPR to stay up-to-date with current events talk (and not so much on the latest celebrity gossip & what’s hot on the fashion runways).

For my birthday, I contemplated cutting my hair short, dyeing it black, and wearing a professional black outfit in attempt to look closer to my age.  I can say with confidence that I look at least 20 yrs old.  For the longest time, I got offended each time someone looked shocked that I was a doctor, every time someone told me I look like I just graduated from high school, each time I was asked if I was a nurse despite wearing my lengthy white coat.  In general, I get commented on how young I look almost every other day.  On my way to celebrate in Los Angeles this weekend, I was carded at the wine bar in the Portland Airport, then carded the following day at Pizzeria Mozza in West Hollywood.  Yet, after my birthday, I had an epiphany.  This time around, I wasn’t so bothered…if anything, I fully embraced the fact that I look younger for my age and profession.  In fact, if I’m still carded at the age of 40, I’ll consider it a major compliment (and a genetic accomplishment).

Tip of the Day:  Embrace who you are.  If you change aspects of yourself, do it for your own happiness, and not for the sake of convincing others of the type of person you’re expected to be.

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