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Welcome to Freud & Fashion!

Hi everyone!  My name is Vania…my patients call me Dr. M since my last name’s hard to say and remember.  I’m a wanna-be Psychiatrist currently in my 2nd year of residency (2 yrs, 5 months left…but who’s counting?).  I created Freud&Fashion after I recently got inspired by fashion blogs!  I’m not exactly a fashionista (I mean, how can I be when I’m about $200K in debt), but I’d like to think I’m savvy with my “S0-cal Casual but Dressy-enough-for-work” kinda style.

But my MAIN purpose is to give a glimpse of the life of a new doctor with a passion to learn how to best help those who struggle for normalcy in life.  I believe that someone with mental illness is just like someone with a diagnosis like hypertension…sometimes they need medication, sometimes they don’t…but either way, the illness shouldn’t prevent them from enjoying life.  My life has definite ups and downs and as I learn to treat others, I undergo my own sense of therapy as well.  So my goal is to share my experiences and give tips on therapy pearls that I learn along the way!  (mixed in with a little of my own personal interests such as fashion, decorating, and food, which is fast-paced and easy enough for the life of any growing professional!).

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Freud & Fashion!

  1. I think to be a stylist Doctor is something that we don’t see everyday and that’s actually a very good idea.

    What would links would you recommend to get more idea of the correct fashion ?

  2. Love the name….altho based on your picture, it should be called “HotPsychDocBlog” 😉 Hey there Dr. M…aka…Ate Ban…aka…my sister and fellow mental health junkie! Wow, you know what they say…our family must be really messed up!! haha! Unfortunately I can’t relate as a “fashionista” since I seemed to have lost my sense of style years ago!! 😦 You’ve witnessed the regression and have helped me attempt to bring it back! Now that I think about it, my sense of style went on a downward spiral along the time that I made my life altering decision to stop pursuing dentistry for a career as an aspiring Marriage and Family Therapist!! Twisted, I know! That’s a potential blog idea for me as a “contributing commentator”: Life Transitions: how to cope with the aftermath and come out a survivor! Anyway, I align with your philosophy on mental illness (well said) and am excited to follow your posts as a developing doctor with fashion, flare and fun! 🙂 What an awesome way for you to share your knowledge and style…and for followers to look out for free therapy tips from a professional! 😉 I love you Ate Ban and am very proud of your accomplishments!

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