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Sister Act

As kids, everyone thought my sister and I looked like twins.  We still look somewhat alike and our voices sound similar with the same hint of valley-girl twang.  Therefore, it’s no wonder that we share an interest in Psychology and ended up pursuing careers in mental health.  When my sister decided to get her Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, I immediately envisioned having an office together and referring clients to one another.  Though we live in different states, I have her number on speed dial in case I’m in need of quick consultations on difficult patients.  A knowledgeable psychiatrist might have the power to prescribe medications, but an intuitive psychotherapist has the ability to change the way a person thinks and views life.  The effects of medications can only go so far.  But, the combination of both meds and psychotherapy can more effectively improve the lives of many…

5 thoughts on “Sister Act

  1. I love this one..its really beast. I’m typing my comment first because she is currently crying happily with what you have blogged =). She is really touched by this one and I have to admit that it hit me too =). Keep up the good work seester ;P

  2. It’s interesting how our initially distinct career paths converged into the same field! Crazy and cool how we have eachother to consult with: you call me for suggestions on Psychotherapy and I call you for tips on diagnosis and treatment of unfamiliar disorders (Thank you!). This blog touched me for many reasons including making me feel that even though I don’t have the title of “Dr” in front of my name, I have valuable skills that you appreciate and have faith in, while at the same time, I trust in your abilities and knowledge; thus, we make a great team 🙂 :). Your acknowledgment and love means so much (hence the tears from Alex’s comment). I am so proud of you for building an independent life in an unfamiliar state, away from family and friends (if only I had your courage). You managed to turn a stressful and lonely life transition into a positive and rewarding one; where you’re career development is not only benefiting the lives you touch, but your own life as you learn more about yourself, which ultimately make you a top notch Psychiatrist! I can’t wait to refer my clients to you! I love you, Ate Ban.

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