A Life of Distractions

{sunny skies in Los Angeles}

 Life gets hectic.  Projects fall to the wayside, self-care less prioritized, hobbies take a backseat, laundry piles up, house chaotically clutters — a reflection of our minds overly-stressed from numerous tasks and obligations.  Neglecting my blog for the last 2.5 months was an unfortunate bi-product of  accomodating my piling “to-do” list these past few months (in addition to less workouts and a messy apartment). 

Awareness is key, followed by figuring out how to shift/balance your priorities (a tough task, though it’s possible).  Hence, my waking up a half an hour earlier today to write a blogpost in order to reclaim my passion towards writing.

Which important activities (or people) do you pay less attention to during your most stressful, overwhelming moments?

{one of my fave places to think – the fountain at Beverly Canon Gardens}

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