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Dark Light

{Sunset in Waikiki}

Goodbye, Summer.  Shorter days, raindrops on the window, dirt splattering onto my cream-colored slacks…just a few initial signs of gloomy Oregon weather.  I’m already preparing for my period of weather-dependent laziness that starts around this time.  I teach my patients some of the following simple strategies to feel a daily sense of accomplishment…or shed light on barriers towards accomplishing your goals (mine would be dark, rainy weather, which I documented here/):

1.  Make a realistic daily task list, and check them off with pride as you complete each one.

2.  Set a goal for the day, and if not accomplished, then write the reason why.

3.  When you get overwhelmed, feel like you have no energy, or notice yourself making excuses not to complete a task, do something simple for 15 mins that brings you out of lazy-mode (take a walk, short run, read, journal, etc.).

What techniques do you find helpful?  Please share before I turn into an even bigger couch potato this Fall.

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