Thankful Thursdays

IMG_0402 (2)

My aunt’s guide dog, Walnut

Meet Walnut, a wise, reactive, and protective guide dog by day; warm, playful, and attention-craving yellow lab by night.  For Thankful Thursdays I’m proud to list Walnut, for I am thankful for the service and unconditional love she has provided my aunt since 2004.  Walnut retires this month from her duties as a seeing eye dog so that she can enjoy her life as a playful pet with less stress (pretty much what we hope to achieve as humans when we retire!).

I also wrote a previous post on our family dog, Sanka, a career-change dog who grew up with Walnut and was also trained as a guide dog for the blind.

FYI Service dogs may be certified as Psychiatric Service Dogs and are individually trained to perform tasks to mitigate the psychiatric disabilities of their partners.

How about you?  Would love to hear what you are thankful for this week!

 (For more info on the background of my Thankful Thursdays series, click here).

6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Cute post! Thank you from one dog lover to another. This made me take a moment out of my busy week to stop and reflect on what I’m thankful for…my family which also includes the unconditional love of my dog!

  2. It is amazing how much positive impact dogs like Walnut can bring! What I am thankful for is my family dog who brings us happiness everyday!

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