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Recognize Your Limit

(Unflattering sick post from my Snapchat)

Well, in addition to the stress of the holidays (which I wrote about here), among other stressors, was also the added stress on my body having made an impulsive decision to switch from a high protein (mostly animal-based) diet to a Vegan diet practically cold turkey.  I watched several Netflix documentaries that turned me off to carnism and found myself repulsed at the thought of even eating my daily hard-boiled egg for breakfast (those who know me know this has been my routine to start my morning for the last 2 years).  Well, in addition to also getting a stomach bug, all the combined stress culminated a few nights ago when I experienced the symptoms listed above (see photo) and was out of commission the following days.  I welcomed the opportunity to rest (fortunately it was my day off, then had the weekend) especially since I haven’t been sleeping well in the last few weeks.

{more Snapchat (username = freudandfashion) posts}

Well, I guess my quick (because I really want to go out for a run since I have more energy today) and main point of this experience is the importance of listening to our bodies and being aware of the need for self-care when we’re overwhelmed and approaching our limit.  I could’ve forced myself to sleep earlier (but I didn’t), could’ve more properly planned a better way to ease into eating more plant-based protein (but I didn’t), and could’ve allowed myself to relax rather than stress about the perfect gifts to buy (I’m still not done with my Christmas shopping, but whatevs), but sometimes we get so wrapped up in the moment that our own needs become an afterthought.

If any of you identify with me and the stress I’m experiencing, then it’s nice to know I’m not alone.  And if so, I hope you start this week being kinder to yourself and take the proper measures to maintain your sanity for the remainder of the year (and thereafter).

9 thoughts on “Recognize Your Limit

  1. I completely relate!!!!! I saw some of the (most likely) same Netflix docs you did! :0
    They were very profound, to say the least.

    I really enjoyed a documentary called “This Is Frank” – it was hard-core (The overweigh, drug-addicted Frank is taken under the wing of raw food-ists & undergoes a truly remarkable transformation in mind & body) but it was so inspiring and incredible.

    Your advice is spot-on; you’re brave to post your photos (you look gorgeous in spite of being under the weather) and I’m going to do my best to be kinder to myself. Easier said than done, eh?

    As always, you rock Dr. Vania!!!!

    p.s. I thought of you as we drove through Fairfield yesterday – it was beautiful and sunny there, but then we hit the snow on Donner Pass. We’re in beautiful Tahoma now. I was able to figure out internet connection here too, which was unexpected, so I’m pretty stoked! 😉 I can watch Netflix streaming now – yay! And I can keep current on great blogs like yours!

    • Yayy u have internet! Tho it’s sometimes nice to unplug and be without it, i remember getting so anxious when i didn’t have connection for only a few hours. i haven’t seen “This is Frank” — will have to check it out! And yes, my posts on snapchat are much less edited lol. Have a wonderful time in Tacoma and the remainder of your trip! Hopefully the weather in fairfield will still be nice & sunny when i get there, tho we could always use some rain!

      • I’m stoked to have the internet – I must admit it, LOL! Yes, it’s good and healthy to unplug, but this time around when it’s cold and we’re spending a lot of time in a cabin, it sure is nice. I can listen to my Pandora tunes, look up recipes, watch my Netflix streaming, and enjoy my blogs of course.

        “This is Frank” is very, very entertaining – I truly think you’d get a lot out of it.

        Have a wonderful time in Fairfield, and I send you a big hug from Lake Tahoe!!!

  2. You are right to take some time out to be in bed and look after yourself rather than rushing around trying to do things for other people. I put my mother’s needs before my own (co-dependence) and ended up almost killing myself as I got hooked on cocaine. That would never have happened if I’d put my needs first.

    • gosh, dealing with dynamics with parents is always so hard, esp when co-dependence is involved. glad to hear you recognized the need to prioritize yourself and take steps to focus on selfare for the sake of saving your own life.

      • I just watched a movie on Netflix, 1967’s The Graduate, whose lead character, played by a young Dustin Hoffman, was a pretty spontaneous guy. I’m sure his parents, however, would have criticized him as impulsive. Depends upon your point of view, I guess. Dustin drove his sports car up the coast highway from LA to Berkeley and wound up back in Santa Barbara. Quite a nice drive, and the part in the Monterey Peninsula looked about as I remember. There’s probably more traffic on the Golden Gate bridge these days, though. 🙂 Hope your Christmas was enjoyable.

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