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Run!…or take an Antidepressant?

I hate running.  I’m one of those people who end up tachypneic after running 2 minutes and would much rather sit on the couch eating chips and watching “Man vs Food” reruns.  I’m from so-cal where running seems scarce in the city, but when I moved to Oregon, I saw everyone and their grandmothers running down each street I drove.  As soon as the dark, rainy season came around, I discovered the reason why…

I’m used to sunny days and am normally a happy, smiley person, but the short and rainy days made me feel pretty miserable.  I started staying home more often, socialized less, and got upset easily.  I admit that I watch a lot of tv, but it wasn’t until I started watching “For the Love of Ray J” (no offense to those who like that show) that I knew I’d reached a new low.  I talked to my fellow resident and he suggested running especially since studies have shown that running can work just as well as an antidepressant (check out an article below from 2008).  So…I got my butt off the couch, bought a new pair of running shoes, and started running.  It wasn’t easy.  But, I have to admit– I feel ten times better.

Tip of the Day:  Run, run, run!