Psychiatry Specialty of Choice

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{Miami Beach, Florida}

Though I graduated from psychiatry residency three years ago and am fully employed, I continue to receive email notifications and phone calls about Psychiatrist job openings on a daily basis.  Though I typically get annoyed by the regular phone calls and messages, a part of me feels thankful that I have a lucrative career in such high demand with job openings readily available if needed, however, a part of me also can’t help but question why there’s such a shortage in psychiatrists to fill the positions.  I wrote a previous post on reasons why Psychiatry is an amazing specialty to choose, but if any current premed or medical students have any questions/concerns about the field of Psychiatry, I’d love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have.  The field of Psychiatry is extremely rewarding and I’d do anything I could to promote it because there’s so many people in need of psychiatric services.

Thought of the Day: TO ALL PREMED, FUTURE DOCTORS, & MEDICAL STUDENTS — Is Psychiatry on your radar as a possible specialty?  And if not, would love to hear the reason why as well!  Comment below or email me at

10 thoughts on “Psychiatry Specialty of Choice

    • i received several replies from my various social media and email outlets…in general, it seems to come down to personal preference and interest, though i believe that a potential way to sway med students towards psychiatry is to have a positive experience during their psych rotation during med school.

  1. I’m a premed bio major and going into psychiatry is an option I’ve had in mind but that can always change who knows.thanks u for offering to be a resource if I do go that route!

  2. Being premed I have actually considered going into the field of psychiatry. I mean, psyche professions do actually run in my family. I will definitely be reaching out, thank you for being such an open resource.

  3. Psychiatry has been a possible career choice since I started my pre-med journey. I’m so glad I stumbled across this post, I’ll be sure to follow your blog and read more!
    It’s great to know that this field is so open right now!

  4. Hi Vania,

    As an incoming OMS-2, psych is on my radar (as are a few other specialties), but it really depends on how rotations go 3rd and 4th year. I think there’s some serious apprehension going into psychiatric medicine for a number of reasons. Some of the ones I’ve heard are that it’s a draining, isolating profession, others are you have to be crazy to want to deal with “crazy people”, and for me personally, I am afraid of the uphill battle of being an imperfect person and future physician with my own problems in life (like we all are in our chosen professions) THEN also dealing with the challenges against mental health care.

    I’m going to e-mail the F&F account because I just saw some highly disturbing anti-science, anti-medicine, anti-vaccine, pro-“becoming a vegan will cure all of your diseases and oh, here — buy my book!” rhetoric…. (side note: plant-based diets do help with preventable diseases as getting an osteopathic medical education emphasize, but these people seem to deny the fact that genetics also plays a role in disease prevalence and incidence and….existence, or that you know…medicine generally works, albeit it’s a working science, which is why it’s science…)

    Sorry for the rant! Thank you for the post. Your insight is always so helpful.

    • Hi Cindy! Thanks so much for your comment! I really hope you have great experiences during your psych rotations and end up choosing the psychiatry route!. All of the apprehensions you listed above are all real concerns (though the “you have to be crazy to deal with crazy people” doesn’t really apply to me as i’ve been told i’m the most “normal” psychiatrist people have encountered, plus, aren’t we all just a little crazy?? 😉 ). Will check out your email and reply! Feel free to rant anytime 🙂

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