Casual Fridays

{Scripps College, Claremont, CA}

To lighten up the mood, I decided to create a series that highlights a bit more about my lifestyle as a busy physician, in addition to specific interests related to fitness, fashion, food, and travel. When I first started my blog during residency, my original goal was to create a lifestyle blog, however, my schedule at the time consisted mostly of work and studying, so my nerdy lifestyle wasn’t too exciting!  Over the years my blog has evolved to focus on inspiring, creating, and maintaining a lifestyle geared towards the promotion of mental health.  I believe that providing a forum to share information on activities and items that we use to enhance such a lifestyle can be beneficial. 

My first post of the “Casual Fridays” series is about shopping and methods I use to save time as a busy professional.  When I lived in southern California, I seriously lived across the street from a shopping mall, but when I moved to Oregon for residency training, the closest mall was over an hour away (this might seem frivolous, but not if you’re a so-cal girl)!  Therefore, online shopping became my best friend.  One important item I’ve been lagging to buy are a new pair of prescription lenses, basically because I’m often exhausted after work or don’t like the hassle of going to busy shopping centers on weekends, so I keep putting off going to the store.  When I came across Warby Parker, I felt relieved to find out they have a home try-on program, which meant not having to deal with LA traffic (definite bonus points).  Customers select 5 pairs of prescription eyeglasses from their website and they are mailed to you shortly after, then you attach the pre-paid shipping label to send them back after 5 days, all at no cost.  The whole process is simple and straight-forward, which I especially appreciate.  Since I tend to lose track of time and dates, I had to call their customer service number to confirm my return date and the representative on the line was helpful and friendly.  Below are the 5 styles I chose:

I have a tendency to go with simple monotone frames, so this time I’d like to be a bit more adventurous.  I’m considering the Finch design from their Spring 2015 Collection (worn in photo at the very top and below).  Before I commit and order them online, I’d love your opinion…Yay or Nay?


Photos by Marlon (Veils & Vows)

22 thoughts on “Casual Fridays

  1. I’m sure I would never qualify, under the Federal Rules of Evidence, as an expert witness on women’s fashion. In the alternative, I can say as a layperson that the glasses in the bottom pic give you a balance of erudition and congeniality. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Total YAY! The Finch design looks stylish with sophisticated flair! I didn’t know an at-home system for eyeglass shopping existed…definitely eliminates the hassle out of shopping for the perfect frames amidst the hustle & bustle of daily life! Definitely going to check Warby Parker out!

  3. The glasses that you are wearing are the ones I picked that I’d wear myself. (that is before seeing you wearing the glasses). Those glasses have the most class and look more expensive than then other frames.

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