Personal Independence Day

{Malibu, California}

I recall previous 4th of July holidays spent working in the hospital, or on-call with my pager held tight as I nibbled on barbecue anxiously anticipating a flurry of calls regarding the behavioral management of alcohol-intoxicated patients.  This year, however, I am free from the responsibility of being on call, free from the hospital, free from clinic, but NOT free from the mentality that I SHOULD be productive and get items A-Z done on my to-do list.  Doctors tend to be perfectionists, overly self-critical, driven, competitive, which usually means that putting their “workaholic” tendencies aside in order to relax can be quite difficult.  Well, at least that’s how I feel, but I’m working on it.

So, today after 12pm I intend on putting my computer, to-do list, and anything work-related aside for the sake of my own health and sanity.  I think it’s about time to enjoy the traditions of this historic event in America, especially since barbecue and the beach sound far more appealing than doing paperwork and organizing my house.

Thought of the Day: Any other workaholics with me on this?  Do you allow yourself to put work aside during holiday weekends?

9 thoughts on “Personal Independence Day

  1. Now that I’m working on “The Book” (that’s how I see it in my head, as said byJames Earl Jones) I feel like I *should* be getting writing done on weekends too. However, today it’s not happening. I’m putting it aside!

    I’m really proud of you for putting work aside as well. I know it must have been difficult, but liberating nonetheless.

    Happy 4th and I hope you’re having lots of fun this very moment! :))))

    • Hi Dyane! I’m definitely not at your level of having a book deal (how awesome is that! just thought i’d say it again 🙂 but i assume writing on holidays can be hard unless inspired at the moment, esp when almost everyone’s NOT working. looking fwd to when the finished product comes out!

      i hope u had a wonderful, stress free 4th!

      • Thanks so much – your comment made me smile!

        I hope your entire weekend was good. I had a very mellow 4th of July, which is exactly what I wanted. I usually force myself to go to the local parade, which is hot, hectic, crowded, and stressful.

        When I’ve gone in past years I’ve run into people I can’t stand (small town syndrome) and I know I sound antisocial, but it was SOOOOO nice to tell my family that I needed some private time. They were understanding about it and I was stoked to hang out with my dog and chillax!!! :))))) Looking forward to your next post – I never know what to expect and that’s part of the reason I adore “Freud & Fashion”!

  2. I’m taking today off though I’m replacing all of the smoke detectors in my house, (they expired last month on their 10 year half life) and what better day is there to test them, other than that its small fire works with the kids, and enjoying life. Enjoy your time off and I look forward to your next post

  3. Today my to-do list said to go to Tahquamenon Falls state park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (above the mitten). So, I complied. Ever the perfectionist, I noticed that the word primitive was mis-spelled on one of the park signs. I know I’m tardy in posting beach pics, but I’m working on it. I would say “take care,” but it seems you already are. 🙂

    • Ha! love the reference point on the Michigan hand. I’d probably do the same seeing a misspelled word — that’s why it takes me so long to send a text message — i can’t let a typo go no matter how informal it is! Lookin’ fwd to the beach pics 🙂

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