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Thankful Thursdays

{Venice Beach, California}

For this week’s Thankful Thursdays, I would say that I am very thankful for one of my best friends from medical school, who flew into town for a quick visit.  My resolution for the remainder of the year (mentioned in my previous post) included being spontaneous and free to explore.  Surprisingly, in all my years living in southern California, I have never experienced biking along the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, nor have I ever gone shopping on Abbott Kinney (a well-known boulevard located in Venice lined with trendy/urban shops, earthy/cool restaurants, and more).  We had a wonderful time catching up, eating delicious food, and discovering new fixtures in the area that we’d never noticed before.  I figure that Los Angeles still has a LOT to explore, therefore, to kick off my resolution, I might as well begin locally!

Thought of the Day:  What are you thankful for from this week?

For background information of the reasoning behind my Thankful Thursdays posts, check out my 1st post of the series here!  (And subsequent posts herehere, and here).

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Love how you’re able to do fun things like travel. your pics always look like you have a good time. I am thankfull for my family bc they support me with school and times when I am feeling so stressed, they make you remember what is truly important in life.

    • hi ami! thank u for sharing what you’re thankful for. having a supportive family is so important. and thx for your comment about my pics…i do my best to capture the essence of my experiences 🙂

  2. thankful for concerts next to the beach, Social Distortion, last night at the Stone Pony (Bruce Springsteen’s old digs) where we met a beautiful family, mom dad and 7 year old son (who plays ice hockey in Voorhees NJ). Also for friends who I can debate and discuss politics with, we may not solve world hunger, or the elimination of evil. but its a civilized and respectful outlet for them and me. I’m thankful for my youngest son, for renewing his learners permit (driving), I’m thankful he didn’t get into a accident today, even after his best effort 😉 , these are what I’m thankful ….. right now.

    • hi bob, thank u for sharing. i think it’s wonderful that u always have so many things to be thankful for! gosh, i remember the days of getting my learners permit. my dad used to be a driving instructor (fortunately not during the years when i first learned to drive, but my bro/youngest sibling was taught by my dad) so he could definitely relate to how u felt!

  3. I don’t know if you have noticed it or not but the last 2 pictures of this post, are the only two pictures that you are casting a complete shadow in all of your pictures, I think that is a good thing, and a thing full of life, a different tact than before.

    • nice eye identifying the difference in the quality of my pictures. i’ll need to look up the significance of shadows cast in pics? the good thing about blogging is that it’s practically a diary — i realize i’m on my way to enhancing my life much more rather than focusing solely on work 🙂

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