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Sticking To It

{midweek hike in Malibu Creek State Park}

My “Monday Motivation” consists of posting my continued efforts to maintain my New Year’s goals for 2015.  I truly appreciate all of you because you’re part of my support system — you’re helping me hold myself accountable to stick with these goals!  I can’t emphasize enough how important self-care is to maintain a sense of well-being, which is the reason my last few posts have been dedicated to the topic.  Most of my patients struggle with the same issue, which leads to burnout, increased stress, uncontrolled anxiety, worsened health, and much more.  The photos in my post are proof of my activities from last week, and serve as my motivation to continue this week.  If you’d like to join me in my efforts to prioritize self-care, would love for you to share how you’ve been doing so thus far!

{Took a REAL lunch break & caught up with celeb gossip and world news}/ {went to two amazing yoga classes, even though I was initially too lazy to go and wanted to back out (pic taken before class)}

{Took a stroll on the beach of Playa Del Rey after my weekend therapy session}

11 thoughts on “Sticking To It

  1. OMG…how cute are you =-) And it is wonderful to build in that time to make sense out of the demands, to simply try to become unfettered… enjoy what life has to offer. yay. Cindy

  2. Great dramatic composition for the beach pic–looks like something out of the movie “Lawrence of Arabia.” But, I like the casual, pre-yoga look. I think it’s the ambiguity of your expression. 🙂 Moi, I did my bit for self-care by finally going to see “Mockingjay” because……Katniss Everdeen/J Lawrence. Material for future blog post. 😉

  3. Love the activities you did to to prioritize self-care. Going to the gym frequently and emphasizing a better sleep schedule is what I have been working on.

  4. Hi “Dr Freud and Mz Fashion”!
    Thanks you for your visit. I
    see, and I’m glad, that you already took a walk on the beach. (Kinda envidious here!)
    I’ll never tire of watching the sun set on the sea. 🙂
    Have a great week-end. Soooo soothing!
    Take care

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