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Dearest Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

{Mother’s Day 2009 in Napa, CA}

Ever since I moved away for medical school, my mom has grown accustomed to my busy schedule and fully understands when I can’t make it to family gatherings.  In fact, her greater concern is ensuring that I eat an appropriate meal while they enjoy a hearty celebratory meal without me.  I’m always aware of my mother’s love no matter where my location may be.  Her gift is scheduled to arrive on time, but no gift does justice to what she’s worth (especially on a resident’s salary).  I owe my mom a million thank you’s (plus a vacation to Hawaii) when I’m done.

2 thoughts on “Dearest Mom

  1. AAWWW…that is so cute! Once again, a concise, yet super sweet message that touches the heart! You should tell mom about it and I’ll let her read it! We, especially mom, had such a great time that beautiful day in Napa! Does that mean you have all the cute pics taken outside the restaurant? Mom looks super happy in all the pics from that day 🙂 Too bad you wont be here for the Mother’s Day 2010 celebratory meal–my homecooked, expensive, yet hopefully yummy italian feast, and gourmet breakfast (I just watched the foodnetwork video!). Thanks for the suggestion! 😉

  2. Awww…you should have your Mom read this. I like how she still ensures you have a sufficient meal during occasions like these. She is wonderful. Hope you make it out here soon.

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