Sunset, Sunrise

{another sunset in Waikiki}

Written on May 10, 2011…

I just returned from an extremely quick and busy trip to Oahu, then LA, then the Philippines, then nor-cal, and now back to Oregon.  Overall, my trip was amazing, inspirational, sad, surreal, spiritual, traditional, and much more words I can’t even recall due overwhelming jet-lag.  Unforgettable.  I’ve watched the sun rise and set in many places, but never has the daily event inspired so much meaning…until the sun rose on the day of my grandmother’s funeral on May 7, 2011.  Each day is marked by a beginning and an end, but the memory of my grandmother’s laughter and love I will never forget.

Happy Birthday Lola…I miss you…

One thought on “Sunset, Sunrise

  1. Beautiful. I know we all felt Lola’s presence 🙂 (and absence) 😦 on her birthday. I miss her too and rest assure knowing that she celebrated her birthday with Lolo in heaven. Love you ate ban.

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