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Delayed Journey

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Sedona, AZ

Confusion about my career path, difficulties prioritizing, and a busy schedule are the only excuses I have for going eight whole months without writing a blog post.  If you asked me one year ago to describe how I envisioned my life would be post-residency, I would have said “happy,” “free,” “liberated,” “fun.”  However, a few months after buying my first house, getting my first paycheck, studying three straight months for the Psychiatry board exam, and passing the Psychiatry board exam, I thought to myself — “Is this it?  Is this really what I spent 12 grueling years after high school working towards??”  Survival was my primary goal throughout medical training, but once I gained confidence and knew I’d survive, I focused on sharpening my clinical skills.  Then, finally, I prioritized my time towards getting a job (after all, who wants to spend > $200K on an education and not end up with your dream job?).  Yet, throughout my education, there was never mention of the emotional toll that the transition from post-graduate school to real life could take.  After graduation, I experienced some “happy” and “free” moments, but had an equal amount of depressing moments (if you’ve read past blog posts, you’ll know this usually involves immersing myself in reality tv and slacking off on workouts).  At times, I wished I was back in the student role where you have a built-in support system of friends and supervisors to consult on a regular basis.  I have a wonderful job, but am still waiting for some form of delayed gratification.

I eventually grew tired of sitting around and waiting, so I went on trips in hopes to gain clarity and direction on the next steps to take in life.

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I stopped beating myself up about having a lazy exercise routine and joined a Crossfit gym.

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Photos courtesy of CFA

Then, moved into my new home.

I’m not 100% certain of what’s next in my life journey, but I’m happy to say that I’m stronger than ever, finally moving forward, and excited to find out!

What types of things have you done to gain clarity when you’ve felt stuck?

18 thoughts on “Delayed Journey

  1. A consistent thing I do to gain clarity when feeling lost is by talking and connecting with my support system, often times with my sister/you ;), my husband, and with God through prayer and spiritual connection with our grandparents (Lola and Lolo). Thank you for genuinely sharing your journey towards clarity with us- a process we all can uniquely relate to. Well worth the wait (not to encourage another hiatus), looking forward to your next post! 😉

  2. I love to go hiking to clear my mind. Nothing like exercise and fresh air after long days doing the daily grind. Nice post!

  3. I stopped watching TV a year ago and have been reading a book a week since. It opened up roads to new people, ideas, travels and finding my purpose. If it sounds too good to be real, I can tell you it’s not good, it’s amazing. Wishing you love. Alex

  4. Going to the gym and having a good workout helps me gain clarity when I feel stuck. I’ve felt lost and stuck with where I currently am in my life and like you, I’m excited to move forward and find clarity and direction. Keep up your posts because they’re inspiring and help keep me motivated!

  5. With having two jobs and working seven days a week; a vacation is what gives me clarity! LA is one of my favorite get away places that gives me the opportunity to explore other options. After all, I was born and raised in the Bay Area all my life so it feels good to be in a different atmosphere and to see new faces. In the future, it would be my dream to settle in LA! 🙂

  6. I have felt stalled along my journey as well. It’s funny how exercising often grounds us and helps to solidify our connections with ourselves and the world around us. I was just telling my husband how sore my abs are from the last workout. But you know what? I say that with a smile because it means I’m growing stronger. I’m aware of myself in the world and where I’m going. I wish you much success, joy and enlightenment on your journey.


  7. hi sherry, that’s funny because i had to do a ton of situps during my workout yesterday and was telling my brother that my abs hurt too! and very true–self awareness is extremely important. thanks for the wishes and thanks for sharing.

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