1.5 Years

2010 proved to be a remarkable year for me.  I’ve transformed from a former struggling medical student (constantly questioning my career choice with each brutal beating from complicated exams, all-nighters, and Attendings pimping me to the point of ridicule) into a now PGY-3 (Postgraduate year) making medical decisions on my own and witnessing the positive impact I can have on patients’ lives.  And, after 1.5 years of living here, I can admit that Oregon is truly growing on me (which I never thought I’d say, but who wouldn’t appreciate smog-free skies, environmental-friendliness, genuinely friendly people, traffic-free roads, abundant green landscapes, etc).  I’m thankful for the lessons learned in 2010 and can’t wait for the experiences to come in 2011.  One and a half years of residency left to go!

4 thoughts on “1.5 Years

  1. very nice vania. your words seve as an inspiration for others as we all who have traveled in the world of medicine, understand how many times we have questioned our decision to pursued this path. happy new year.

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