Thankful Thursdays


Malibu Beach

People who meet me tend to perceive me as a positive person, but I’ll admit that I wasn’t always that way.  I was quite the complainer growing up and blamed others if things didn’t go my way.  My negativity improved through maturation over time, but my four years of psychiatric residency training certainly helped me become more self-aware. Learning about different psychotherapy techniques sharpened my skills even further, and one modality that I use involves Positive Psychotherapy.

What is Positive Psychotherapy (PPT)?

In a nutshell, Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman spearheaded the development and research of PPT as an intervention for treatment of depression and the theory consists of some of the following concepts:

– focus on the POSITIVE (factors that contribute to happiness and build upon one’s strengths)

– build POSITIVE EMOTIONS (about the past, present, and future)

– identify and utilize your STRENGTHS

  • for example, if you’re a creative person, do things that bring out your creativity (such as writing, photography, etc).  If you’re competitive, consider joining a recreational group or league

–  instead of letting your strengths and talents go to waste, apply them towards something MEANINGFUL (such as in your job, community, family, religious institution, etc)

Naturally, this can take a lot of work/effort especially since our minds may automatically take us down a negative spiral in the face of challenge and negativity.  With our often stressful and hectic lives, when something goes wrong, it seems like it requires more time and energy to switch to a positive mindframe.  With that in mind, Seligman’s team developed a series of exercises to help shift your mind towards more positive thinking, one of which includes listing “3 good things” that went well during your day.

So, with a slight twist and in the spirit of PPT, I created a new series on my blog called “Thankful Thursdays” where I will list 3 things I’m thankful for from the week and I encourage all of you to do the same!

Here’s my list from this week:

1.  Took advantage of living a few miles away from the beach and spent some time there to escape the triple digit California heat wave (picture above).

2.  I’m thankful for my family stopping by my office to visit and instead of my usual routine of going home to check email and watch tv, I enjoyed quality time with them over a delicious meal.


Dinner in West Hollywood

3.  Received a “sign” today which steered me in a different direction regarding a work project.  I truly believe that when one door closes, another one opens, so I’m staying focused and optimistic!


On a boat in South Lake Tahoe

What 3 things are you thankful for?


Seligman, M. E. P., Rashid, T., & Parks, A.C. (2006). Positive psychotherapy. American Psychologist, 61, 774-778.

Photo Credits: Marlon Santos (Diamond Reel Media), Alex Manipod

Disclaimer: this post describes one therapeutic technique and should not be used to replace treatment with your primary clinicians

9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. this is nice vania..thanks so much for posting and reminding us to be thankgful….so so much can transpire in one day…moments that bring pleasure or joy or moments of serenity. love your pictures. cindy

  2. So, that’s what Malibu looks like. Yep, very positive feelings about that scene. I like the composition on the Tahoe pic, with the three “arrows” of boat, trees and sky pointing to the future. A good metaphor/ image for the words.

    • thanks Tom. My goal was to convey some emotions in my post through the photos, so it’s great to know you appreciated that. malibu is peaceful and serene on weekdays, but in many stretches it’s the complete opposite on weekends!

  3. Amazing post. This definitely changes how I see and handle situations in my own life. It may not yet be Thursday but three things I am thankful for are
    1. Family
    2. The support system I have with my family and girlfriend
    3. The opportunity I have in front of me to put myself out there and work towards achieving my current goals.

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