Home Sweet Home

{Fairfield, California}

As a fledgling adult who moved away from home for college then medical school, my family often made trips to visit me, especially to drop off or prepare a home-cooked meal (I lived 30 minutes away from home for college and 7 hours away for medical school).  Now that I’ve completed all my training, I return the favor for all the support I received and visit them in northern California as often as I can (except I’m not the best cook, so my family probably prefers that I NOT make the home-cooked meals).  I am currently staying at my parents’ place this weekend for a mini family reunion and feel pretty excited that I get to reunite with family members visiting from the Philippines whom I haven’t seen in years (and apparently there’s a boxing match everyone’s watching tonight).  We all have our own priorities in life and at one point my education and career took precedence over family, but I learned my lesson after missing out on numerous momentous events.  Having a lucrative career can bring a sense of satisfaction, but true happiness can’t be attained unless balanced with those who support you the most.

I hope you have a balanced weekend!

11 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. That is a great admonition! (have a balanced weekend) Tell me more about the picture in this post. Anybody’s cows you know? 🙂 That picture could have just as easily been taken here in the midwest… the mama cows are just finishing up having their spring babies.

    • Hi DM – it does look like the pic is more likely to be anywhere else than CA such as the midwest or Oregon (where i lived for 3 yrs). I don’t know the owners, but I admire them and have seen the area become drastically commercialized – surrounding this land are several new housing developments and i assume the owners might be fighting not to give it all up. I actually grew up more in the adjacent city of Vacaville so they better not rid of the pastures otherwise the city wouldn’t live up to its name!

  2. balance is always good, pre, during, and post, boxing matches, I was by the Rocky Steps here in Philly this last week bringing some much needed balance back to our lives (heavy metal rock concert)

    • Hi Bob– now the Rocky steps in Philly is one place I must visit. Only passed philly once and it was only to get to a test in Conshohocken (sp?). I didn’t realize it was a venue for concerts…sounds like a fun,balanced day out!

      • We were members of the Philly art museum, before the accident, its a great place to relax, they have “art after five” on Fridays, live music and food. (a great book on why people run the steps is “Rocky Stories” by Michael Vitez, if you get a chance to read. We’ve been thinking of renewing our membership again. The concert we went to was at a venue called “the Electric Factory” much smaller than the art museum. We saw Apocalyptica, a cello trio and Sixx:Am, from Motley Crew fame. We have some history with Apocalyptica and the high school with my son’s, but that is for a latter story 🙂

  3. I hear the strains of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony in the background. You might be in next-door neighbor Wisconsin with all the bovine company. A break from the concrete jungle?

    • Hi Tom — Beethoven’s Pastoral applies to this angle of the photo, but once the camera angle turns right, it comes to a screeching halt. It’s a much milder version compared to my usual concrete jungle…I’m just happy to have less smog and green hills to focus on if I look in the right direction 🙂

  4. My dad, sister and brother in law didn’t eat dinner. They were so disappointed with Pacman’s loss. they went to bed and slept it off. lol

    How did it go with your family?

    • The fight was very disappointing! Hope your family didn’t let all the good filipino food go to waste! For the most part we were more angry than upset — boxing’s a business and everything seemed well-calculated and very predictable (particularly on mayweather’s end). In the end, we were all just happy that we were able to gather as a family 🙂

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