Weekend Reflection

{Ventura Pier, CA}

In order to take charge of my life after a stressful week, I made the decision to temporarily cut back on certain responsibilities.  In the past, I rarely said “no” to projects or other opportunities, however, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been extremely overwhelmed and need some time to regroup.  Though it’s difficult, especially if you’re someone who people rely on (especially if you’re the caregiver type), setting boundaries with people and activities is a healthy way to cope and manage your life.  I’ve never met anyone who devotes a huge percentage of their energies on work and everyone else BUT themselves without getting burned out.  However, if you have mastered the art of life balance, please message me.  I’d love to know your secret.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend filled with relaxation and self-care!

19 thoughts on “Weekend Reflection

  1. I’m going to repost a blog post in your honor on this very topic….Was going to write something on countering negative self talk but that can wait a bit. DM

  2. I’m very proud of you for cutting back on some responsibilities – I’m sure it wasn’t easy to do that, but it sounds like you made a wise decision. I wish you more beautiful moments in nature that will restore you, and I hope that the stress dissipates in spades asap! 🙂 (Love the photos by the way!)

    take care,

  3. I used to be the absolute worst at this! But having a chronic illness has forced me to live a more balanced life, and having a near death experience gives you a perspective that you never had before. I am still bad at it, but one thing I have learned is how to say NO. I used to never want to let anyone down or make anyone think I wasn’t the hardest worker. Now I know my physical limits and want to make time for some personal things as well. Like this blog! Which you inspired me to get back to doing (I stopped when I got sick). Its a great outlet for me and fun! so thanks again.

    • i feel ya on the saying “no” part…it’s soo hard! but yes, we gotta set healthy boundaries and that’s great to hear you found yours…our health depends on it! and i’m glad u started blogging again because you have too much good stuff to say and the world deserves to read it 🙂

      • Hope you enjoy your sojourn in AZ. I doubt there is much opportunity for shinrin-yoku, except around Flagstaff. In my brother’s part of the state, i.e. Phoenix, I don’t think they have the concept of forest bathing, or forest for that matter. 😉

  4. Well, I have been on this planet for 58 years. Letting to to me involves being with my dogs, working in the garden, drinking Americana coffee with my favorite burrista, and sitting in the reclined position under my palm tree. Of course, I write.

  5. I read your comment on fashion surgeon’s blog and stumbled onto your account. Just wanted to let you know that you sound like an amazing doctor. Lots of doctors have misunderstood me in my battle with Osteomyelitis and Crohns Disease… due to their lack of understanding of Anorexia… so it’s good to know you learned from the Psychiatrists you worked with for your job. Please keep being an open and compassionate doctor. I was on life support recently and all I remember was how nice the medical doctor was to me when I woke up… I will never forget the kind doctors I have seen, I remember their help and advice above all of the many intelligent, ‘all knowing’ doctors. Keep staying kind to your patients, we are annoying sometimes but we really do appreciate your hard work!!! Jane 🙂

    • Hi Jane – i’m glad u found me…and i truly appreciate your comment! one statement that one of my fave attending physicians often said is “treat the patient, not the lab.” it definitely takes more than brains and the best scores to be a good doc and i’m glad u had a good team of docs and pulled through! thank u for sharing your story because it is a great story of strength 🙂

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