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Love Thyself

{Sonoma, California}

Sure, when I first heard Hailee Steinfeld’s single, “Love Myself,” on the radio, I initially became excited that such a popular song celebrated a love for one’s self.  And even after dissecting the song’s lyrics (to discover the actual allusion to masturbation), I still remained inspired to write a post that paid homage to myself, particularly because I have been feeling more self-conscious and self-critical lately.  The thought of writing about oneself may stir some anxiety due to fear of being judged as narcissistic, self-centered, self-absorbed, conceited, etc, etc.  However, our inner critic can be the worst critic of all (I swear my therapist points out my harsh self-criticism at each and every therapy session).  And as cliche as it sounds — if we can’t love ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to love us?  For me, promoting a healthy sense of self-worth outweighs any risk of judgement.

I vividly recall having to write an acrostic name poem during elementary school and struggling to come up with words that described me.  So, as I sit on my couch tonight full of regret for eating pastries brought home from clinic and guilt for not waking up early enough to hit the gym this morning, hear goes my attempt to write a positive ode to myself:

Thoughtful, caring, interactive

I’m reliable, proactive

Down for an outing or adventure

If something new, you’ll be my mentor

Comfortable with leading

Will call you out if misleading

Advocate for those in need

A dog lover of many breeds

A perfectionist constantly inspired

Motivated to grow by those I admire

Smart, sarcastic, smiley

Environmentally-friendly, candid, kindly

Family comes first

Friends down to earth

Finds beauty unrehearsed

Always something to converse

Discount shopping in bursts

Will gladly help unless you’re curt

Spiritually immersed

So hardworking that it hurts

I know what I’m worth


Thought of the Day:  Care to try writing one for yourself? (much respect to you if it comes easy…this took me longer to write than I’m willing to admit!)







10 thoughts on “Love Thyself

  1. This is a fun/ challenging activity (making a list like this) Few years ago, I picked up a PTSD workbook that had loads of homework activities in it, and one of them had me making a list of things I was reasonably good at…then you were supposed to memorize the list. reading over your list, my first thought is, those are all great prompts for future blog posts. 😉 DM

  2. I ***LOVE*** what you wrote!!! It’s awesome! Empowering and inspiring…..
    I also would like to absolve you of pastry guilt – you’ll get to the gym in time. :))))

    Speaking of gyms….do you have any home cardio equipment? I find that having my elliptical here @ my house makes all the difference as far as my being consistent and working out when it’s the last thing I want to do. Even if I feel like a zombie, 9 out of 10 times I feel much better after doing the elliptical. (I’m still paying it off on the Sears credit card but it’s totally worth every cent)

    I know there’s the social aspect of the gym and believe me, I appreciate that – I worked in a popular, locally owned gym as an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer for several years, five days a week. But now that I’ve worked in one (and cleaned it, etc. apart from my training duties). I am pretty much done with gyms. 😉

    Have a great weekend, my dear!

    • Hey Dyane! you were right — my pastry guilt has been absolved since i made it to the gym this fine saturday morn! i worked extra hard in my workout to rid of the carbs lol.
      as far as elliptical — i think that’s a fab idea! it’s definitely better than doing nothing and if in the comfort of your own home, there’s really no excuse! i historically lack motivation working out solo though as i’ve only been successful at being consistent if group exercise is involved (i did crossfit, yoga classes, plyo, etc). i can totally understand being turned off by gyms if u worked in one tho! 😉
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend Dyane!

  3. Thanks for sharing your personal ode and allowing us to get to know you even better Vania! What a therapeutic exercise – I am going to try it myself! I imagine it will take me a long time to write too.😄

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