Residency Memories

{Voodoo Doughnut, Eugene, Oregon}

I enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane every once in awhile to reminisce about the past.  While trying to find a photo for my next blog post, I came across pictures of fun times in Oregon during residency training.  In effort not to embarrass my fellow colleagues (think trashy theme party, dancing to “Baby Got Back,” and movie nights with some of the most grotesque films ever made, to name a few examples), I limited the photos to the least embarrassing (not surprisingly, many photos were eliminated), pictures mostly of myself, or with the obtained consent from my residency friends (if identifiable in the photos).  I may constantly mention the hardships of the journey through medical school and residency, but my three years spent in Oregon brought about many friendships, fun experiences, and memorable moments that I’ll treasure forever.

{Residency Retreat at Black Butte, Oregon}

{Wine Tasting in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon}

{My 1st time golfing}

{Good thing I didn’t get graded on my Pictionary skills because I clearly would’ve failed}

{Oregon Medical Association conference in Bend, Oregon}

{My 1st time snowshoeing, Bend, Oregon}

{My Princess-themed party that my awesome co-residents threw for me before graduation}

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