Lessons of the Week

{Playa Del Rey, California}

If you read my last post, you’ll know that my mood has been a bit off this week.  Yet, now that it’s Friday, I can reflect on the positive lessons I learned from the experience.

1.  Be cautious of making any crucial decisions when you’re feeling emotionally off.  Let’s just say that losing control of my emotions led to an impulsive desire to regain control, which manifested as having the urge to make irrational decisions (regarding my job, therapy, and relationships).  Fortunately, I gained enough insight and control of my emotions in time before committing to anything!

2.  No matter how stressed, angry, or upset you may be, if possible try your best to remain present for others.  I felt exhausted during clinic yesterday.  Then, one of the last patients on my schedule tells me that I’m the only doctor she has who listens and doesn’t make her feel as if she’s being judged.  I was touched by her comment (and I also thought, “wait shouldn’t every doctor be that way?”).  I don’t suppress my feelings of lethargy (in fact, if my patients ask, I’ll be honest and tell them if I’m feeling a bit more tired), but I make sure that my energy levels and mood don’t interfere with the connection I have with my patients.  If it does interfere with my interactions, then it’s a sign that I’m in need of a vacation!

3.  Grief is tough and very confusing.  Period. If support is available, please utilize them. It took me awhile to reach out, but I’m glad I did. And I appreciate all of you for reading, commenting, and helping me realize that I’m not alone.

6 thoughts on “Lessons of the Week

  1. GREAT lessons! I’m so glad you were able to learn from the recent rough patch..
    .thank you for these reminders – they’re coming at an excellent time.
    p.s. love the photo!!! 🙂

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