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Back to Work

After returning from a week-long vacation, I dreaded the pile of catch-up work and voicemails waiting for my much-needed attention.  I assumed that I’d be in vacation-mode and perform sluggishly on my first day back, but surprised myself at how easily I resumed my normal routine.  Even more surprising was noticing the level of comfort I had while interacting with new patients whereas in the past I’d be concerned about whether or not my patients would feel connected to me or question my knowledge being a mere resident instead of a full-fledged Psychiatrist.  One word to describe this new-found feeling? — Confidence.  Confidence may come easily for some, but for me (and most, I assume), it required self-evaluation and rising after feelings of inadequacy and failure.  Once that feeling is obtained, savor the moment the way you savor a great vacation.

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