Meaning of a Pomegranate

{Pomegranates growing in my parents’ backyard}

This year marked the first Thanksgiving spent in my family’s new house, which I feared might be a sad experience  since I knew how much my family loved our previous home.   As soon as I walked through the door, I immediately felt a sense of comfort walking into a wide, gorgeous space that had astonishing similarities to our last home.  Even more comforting was seeing my entire family together smiling and laughing with no visible signs of the overwhelming stress that took place just weeks before the holiday.  Yet, what struck me the most about this house was discovering a pomegranate tree in the backyard.  At that moment, I immediately recalled fond childhood memories of picking and eating pomegranates from the tree my grandfather planted in my parents’ first home.  It’s one of the fruit trees my grandfather meticulously cared for, and to me, represents regeneration, strength, and growth.  Not only did I feel thankful for spending a momentous weekend with family, but also for being reminded of my grandfather watching over us.

2 thoughts on “Meaning of a Pomegranate

  1. Hi, Vania! I was reading your older posts and I’m wondering if you’re a psychologist/psychiatrist? That field has always fascinated me! I really wanted to take up psychology, but was not allowed.

    Anyway, I have a lot of fond childhood memories of my grandfather, too. I grew up without a father, so my lolo was and still is the person I look up to as my dad 🙂

    • Hi Paolo! Yup I’m a psychiatry resident with 1.5yrs before I can practice on my own! Glad you had your lolo in your life as a role-model…mine inspired me to become a doctor. I recently went to Phil and found that psychology isn’t a recognized, commonly practiced field there…perhaps you can start it!

      Thanks for the nice comment! Vania

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