Drift Away

{San Diego, CA}

My whole week was a bit of a blur.  I sometimes wish that I could take a vacation for a few months and have no responsibilities whatsoever.  Where would I go?  I have no idea.  What would I do?  No clue.  Come to think about it, having no responsibilities for an extended period of time might be depressing.  After all, my entire life has been devoted to my career, which is a huge part of my identity.  Without my work, I’d lose my sense of purpose especially since being a physician makes up a large percentage of who I am.  Perhaps that’s why retiring can be so hard (I have several retirees who present with depression).  With that in mind, I suppose the better alternative to an extended vacation would be to continue working, but at a comfortable pace with firm limits and boundaries in place.  It sounds so simple.  After all, I know my limits and the workload I can handle before getting overwhelmed…but it’s my job to reinforce it.  I guess reinforcing it is sometimes harder than the job itself.

6 thoughts on “Drift Away

  1. hey girl….i honestly think one of the hardest parts of our job is the responsibility…nature of the beast. we take that home whether we are thinking about our ‘peeps’ or not…it is waiting for us when we wake up….it is the way it is and i believe is underrated as a source of exhaustion. love the picture.
    xoxo cindy

    • You’re so right Cindy (what would i do without you and your insights???). i think it’s weighing a lot more on me this week especially, but at least i’m aware of it and can find ways to cope with it

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