Reset, Recharge

{Miami Beach, Florida}

I talk A LOT about mental health (in case you haven’t noticed), so I’ve appreciated the opportunity to put psychiatry-related thoughts aside for the last week while on vacation.  And I haven’t psychoanalyzed one thing while in Florida, which is a record for me!  I recognize how burned out I was getting, especially since I slept a whole lot during my first few days of vacation.  In the past, I probably would’ve felt guilty about saying I was tired of talking about mental health, but sometimes taking a break from your interests and passions makes you appreciate them even more.  I intend on using my final days of vacation to soak up more sun, take a boat ride along the bay, shop, enjoy delicious Cuban dishes, and anticipate feeling fully recharged by the time I return to work next week.  Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Beautiful lanterns at the Shore Club

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